Browse Media Works is an Internet café offering all in one business solutions from internet service and social media management to design and printing, we are vibrant company with vibrant and helpful stuff who are always willing to go to the extra mile.

The company inherently has 100% black managed and owned a status (BEE) comprising of a black male director, Mr. Althwane Kola, which he brings a complimentary expertise and experience to the organization. The primary function of the company is to provide internet and printing services to commercial and none commercial sector. Our management and staff have a complimentary experience in project management, production management and branding.

You know you need content – good-looking content that is consistent on all your platforms and all your communications – but you have zero time and only half a clue as to what it should be anyway! That’s why you’ve been looking for us!

We are passionate about providing solutions for your challenges.

At Browse Media Works we provide you with the tools to attract more prospects and sell more of your goods and services. We help you build relationships and help integrate your entity with social business, while keeping the brand ironclad.

Proven techniques

We use only proven methods and techniques for team development and personal development – simple, intuitive and geared towards getting results. They provide an excellent foundation for enhancing your organisation at both team and personal level.

Positive approach

We are convinced that if you start by focussing on everything that is good and work with the talents that are present within the organisation, you will be better able to tackle any issues or problems. This makes our approach constructive and appealing.

Vision on leadership

Our vision on leadership is clearly defined, and aimed at achieving a high-performance culture with a focus on productivity (results-based leadership) and positivity (connecting leadership).


Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that working within limits in budget and time is inevitable. We will design your project within the specified framework, and in collaboration with you we will determine where the priorities lie for achieving the maximum effect.

Price/quality ratio

Our rates are structured in such a way that they guarantee the quality and continuity of our services. We have no desire to offer the cheapest services – having the best price/quality ratio is more important to us.


We guarantee open and direct communication, honest feedback and an active role in building up mutual trust. This is how we lay the foundation for a constructive and successful collaboration.


Every situation is different. Every organization and manager has different wishes and needs. We are flexible in our approach so that we can provide you the services and support that correspond to your need.

Extensive national and international network

We are in contact with a solid group of consultants, trainers and coaches for each of our areas of expertise. This enables us to provide the appropriate support, based on your demand.

Browse Media Works would like to invite you to become part of our valued customer base. We shall not only be working for you, but with you to ensure that your company will be able to distribute your quality printed literature on time and cost-effective.